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REAL ID and Immigration Card Enhancements

Beginning October 1, 2020, you and your travelers who are 18 years of age and older will need a REAL ID or another acceptable form of identification in order to fly.


Standard drivers’ licenses will no longer be accepted by TSA at airport security checkpoints starting in October of next year, and we don’t want anyone missing their flight because they weren’t aware of the new federal requirements.


REAL IDs are generally marked by a star on the top of the card. Between now and the effective date of the new regulations, we encourage you and your travelers to check your IDs and obtain a REAL ID if you don’t already have one.


To obtain a REAL ID, please keep in mind that it requires documentation beyond what is required for most standard drivers’ licenses. Prepare to collect and present several documents to DMV officials that prove your residency and identification.


REAL ID compliance varies greatly from state to state. We encourage travelers to seek information directly from the TSA at or their local DMV.




· Support in a Medical Emergency

· Coverage in Remote Areas

· Reclaim Your Cancellation and Rescheduled Flight Costs

· Replacement of Stolen or Lost Luggage

· Dental Emergencies

· Stress-free Stays

· Stress-free Car Hire

· Peace of Mind for Personal Liability


Argentina eliminates reciprocity fee of US tourists RECIPROCITY FEE REVOKED FOR US CITIZENS BY PRESIDENTIAL DECREE US citizens are
exempt from paying the reciprocity fee by Presidential Decree No. 959/2016, published on August 23, 2016. The reciprocity fee still
applies to Australian and Canadian passport holders .. August 24, 2016

Visa Waiver To Brazil

Effective June 17, 2019 U.S and Canadian travelers no longer need a visa to enter Brazil.

U.S and Canadian citizens can spend up to 90 days in Brazil from their arrival date, and can extend their stay once, for 90 additional days; not to exceed a total of 180 days in a year.

This initiative benefits holders of a valid passport traveling for tourism business, artistic or sports activities, and also covers travelers countries transiting through Brazil.