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Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It’s name came from the ancient Nahuatl language, and translated means "silver mountain. Tegucigalpa became the most important mining center in Central America during colonial times.“Tegus” as its inhabitants affectionately call it, is a mix of an old colonial city that has turned into the modern capital of Honduras.
Tegucigalpa offers several attractive options around its surroundings. There is something to suit any interest, for the nature lovers, the Tigra National Park offers a once in a lifetime experience, also different colonial towns once important for their mining activities, and what could be considered one of the most important handicraft centers in Honduras is very close to Tegucigalpa. To get the best of these areas, we recommend you look up one of the tour operators in the directory, these are professionals with a high degree of expertise in their field.