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Lima is Peru’s capital and most important city. The City of Kings, as it was known during the colonial period, was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro and soon became the most important city in colonial America. Today, Lima is the main gateway to Peru’s numerous tourist attractions. Lima has sunny beaches, modern residences and gardens in the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro, and flowered boulevards and colonial buildings downtown.
It is a city of fine museums and magnificent Pre-Columbian collections, such as the Gold Museum, the National Archaeology and Anthropology museum, the Amaro museum, Enrico Poli, and the Larco Herrera Museum. Its colonial quarter was declared a "Cultural Heritage of Humankind" in 1992. Callao is Peru’s foremost port and one of Latin America’s most modern. Founded in 1537, Callao was for centuries Lima's first bastion of defense against marauding pirates and filibusters. Displays of its heritage include traditional neighborhoods of wooden colonial mansions with elaborately carved balconies, plazas, and the vast Real Felipe Fortress, a well-preserved jewel of colonial military architecture, which is worth a visit. Callao is 10 miles from downtown Lima. During July, weather conditions are characterized by grey skies, little rain and average temperatures in the mid-60s.   Packages including LIMA
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