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Once a thriving rubber town, Iquitos still retains many of the original manor houses and colonial architecture from its heyday. Located on the banks of the Amazon River and only accessible by air or boat, the city is now the starting point for cruises down river and trips to the numerous lodges that dot the Amazon River banks.
More populated than other jungle areas, Iquitos offers a unique cultural experience as visits to isolated communities open visitors’ eyes and minds into an unknown world of subsistence and survival. As you leave the city behind and start delving into the dense forest, civilization starts to dwindle and the jungle reigns again. Here, several hours from the bustling city, mammals, birds and insects can be easily spotted and treks into the forest reveal towering trees and tropical flowers. Iquitos is located one hour by plane from Lima. Climate is hot and humid with frequent rainfall.   Hotels in IQUITOS
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