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Chile's northernmost city features excellent beaches and hotels, historical sites from the War of the Pacific, and nearby archeological sites in the Azapa Valley, including enigmatic geoglyphs and the fascinating Azapa Museum, where you can view mummies dating from 18,000BC.
  The city is also the starting point for most trips to Lauca National Park in the Altiplano, a natural monument now declared a World Biosphere Reserve. Lauca boasts incredible landscapes, with volcanoes, lagoons, salt flats, tiny pre-Hispanic settlements, as well as a wide variety of animal life such as llamas, vicunas, guanacos, alpacas, flamingos and wild duck. Arica is located near the border with Peru. Dubbed as the “City of Eternal Spring”, Arica is blessed with a mild, dry climate that makes it a perfect destination year round.