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Latest information on COVID19

At KEKAS TRAVEL we continue to uphold our commitment to all our customers by providing the latest up-to-date travel advisories across all platforms of communication in regards to the COVID-19 situation. We are dedicated to attaining all necessary resources relevant to information about Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Sailings, Tours and Flights (domestically and internationally) as the World continues to endure these very, very difficult times. As we work diligently to provide the best answers for questions our customers may have, a lot of information may be found on our social media. You can visit our webpage, Instagram or Facebook account for the latest news on travel.

We hope everyone continues best practices by staying home, washing hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks and gloves. Our team is committed to beating this invisible enemy just as the rest of humanity IS as well. Together and only together, we can win the fight.

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy