About us

Keka's Travel Agency is a corporation established in Miami, Florida with 20 years of professional experience with accreditation by ARC (Airline Reporting Corp.), ASTA and IATAN Associations.

Keka’s Travel will satisfy all of your domestic and international travel needs in the following areas:

  1.     Airlines ticketing
  2.     Tours & Cruises
  3.     Hotel & Car Reservations
  4.     Tourism Packages
  5.     Sports and especial events packages

We have every resource at our disposal to help accommodate all of your leisure and/or business trip needs.

We have experienced and professional travel consultants ready to assist all our customers with any and all travel necessities.

We handle one of the best computerized configuration systems in automated reservations in the industry. This system is inter-connected throughout the world with all airlines, cruise lines, hotels, car rental services, tourism packages and special event centres. This service also provides the best in internet services, including e-mail access at the finger prints of every agent, to ensure quick and adequate real solutions.

With the special addition to our system of the “Value Pricier Program” we can ensure our customers get the best price available on the market at the time of booking reservations.

We also carry a very sophisticated back office system which generates over 16 different tracking reports in secure client account activity.

Our dedication, honesty and integrity in the travel industry has established Keka’s Travel Agency as a reputable and prestigious company among its clientele and its affiliates in the tourism and travel business.

Keka’s Travel Agency Inc. is proud to have the opportunity to provide all its clients with the utmost gratitude and professional services.

Our People


Maria Angelica Morales
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Maria Angelica is the creator and president of Keka's Travel Agency. She has 20 years of extensive experience in the travel industry. She has poured all of her travel professionalism into what is now the fruit of her labor, Keka's Travel. Over the years she has had the honorable privilege of visiting many countries throughout South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. All of her knowledge, love, and passion is reflected and enveloped in every aspect of Keka's Travel Agency with the utmost respect and confidence provided to all her clientele.


Maria A. Camus
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Maria has traveled to many countries in South and Central America, and Europe. While obtaining her Master of Science Degree at Barry University in Miami, FL, she eventually learned the ropes of the travel industry working as a travel agent. Today, her education and thorough knowledge of business administration in the travel world have given her all the necessary tools to operate Keka's Travel today and project its success for the future.


Adela Perez
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8 am - 3 pm

Adela has 15 years of experience in the travel business. She obtains extensive training and distinct comprehension of travel and tourism throughout the lands of South and Central America, and the Caribbean. She has the skill set to tailor to every travelers needs as she maintains a level of professionalism and expertise in every aspect of the industry.


Santiago Aspuru
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Santiago has over 30 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. He has lived and traveled to different parts of the world, such as Madrid, San Francisco, Mexico, Italy and Paris to name a few. Today his global expertise in the business extend from international to domestic tourism providing excellence in client services with detailed and thorough comprehension of the tourism and travel industry.

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