97Rio Solimões is a Brazilian river that bathes the State of Amazon. It starts in Peru and when entering in Brazil, in the city of Tabatinga, it receives the name from Solimões. It has as affluent of the right edge Rio Javari, Jutaí, Juruá and Purús in the left edge the rivers Içá and Japurá

Covers the cities of São Paulo de Olivença, Amaturá, Saint Antonio of the Içá, Tonantins, Jutaí, Good Source, Tefé, Coari, Codajás, Anamã, Anori, Manacapuru, totalizing approximately 1,700 km until arriving the Manaus, where when finding the Black River, receives the name from AMAZON.



Packages including RIO SOLIMOES


2Night-Clipper Cruise
3 Days / 2 Nights
Janauaca, Rio Solimoes                                      


2Night-Clipper Cruise Premium
3 Days / 2 Nights





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